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Toko Sparepart di Jakarta
January 18, 2011, 4:26 pm
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Toko Sparepart di Jakarta


Champion Motor Blok A.01 Telp. 3867856
Indonesia Jaya Blok A.39 Telp. 3516429
Jaya Motor Blok A.49 Telp. 3523755
Jayapura Motor Blok C.26 Telp. 3523742
King’s Daihatsu Blok C.15 Telp. 3847889
Kusuma Motor Blok A.12A Telp. 3516177
New Apollo Motor Blok B.10 Telp. 3523749
Palapa Motor Blok A.18 Telp. 3516184
Palapa Sakti Motor Blok A.60 Telp. 3523771
Saga Motor Blok A.68 Telp. 3846955
Sarana Motor Blok C.76 Telp. 3523744
Serimpi Motor Blok C.72 Telp. 3516453
Sri Wijaya Blok C.65 Telp. 3847424
Sumber Jaya Makmur Blok B.28 Telp. 3848569
Sumber Jaya Sakti Blok A.09 Telp. 3516178
Toko 74 Blok C.82 Telp. 3867863
Wijaya Motor Blok C.58 Telp. 3516434

Atlas Motor Blok B.14-15 Telp. 3523762
Eka Kaya Motor Blok C.54 Telp. 3847565
Expo Motor Toyota Blok C.27 Telp. 3848534
GT Motor Blok A.77-78 Telp. 3516150
Jaya Motor Toyota Blok B.4-5 Telp. 3867918
Mandiri Motor Blok A.56 Telp. 3848972
Mulia Motor Blok C.12 Telp. 3846179
New Jaya Guna Blok C.23 Telp. 3516488
PD Borobudur Blok A.72-74 Telp. 3848182
PD Borobudur Motor Blok B.55 Telp. 3523761
PD Kramat Motor Toyota Blok C.70-71 Telp. 3847017
Saudara Motor Blok B.32 Telp. 3848536
Sentosa Jaya Motor Blok C.88 Telp. 3523785
Sentral Motor Blok C.43 Telp. 3523745
Sinar Motor Jaya Blok D.12A Telp. 3515480
Sri Rezeki Motor Blok C.1-3 Telp. 3846454
Surya Djaja Motor Blok C.91 Telp. 3847560
Union Motor Blok A.37 Telp. 3846241


Hendi Motor Blok A 24 Telp. 42881927
Mitra Motor Blok I 28-29 Telp. 42880578
Mulia Motor Blok I 19 Telp. 42880585
Sekawan Motor Blok B 14 Telp. 4268853
Tri Jaya Abadi Bloks H 14-15 Telp. 42880607

Buana Motor Blok A 3 Telp. 42881759
Canal Motor Blok D 17 Telp. 42880553
Jakarta Motor Blok I 20 Telp. 42880584
Mandiri Motor Blok K 14 Telp. 4263009
MJ Blok G 20 Telp. 4260330
New Maju Motor Blok F 15 Telp. 42880524
Sakura Motor Blok E 18 Telp. 42881906
Sumber Baru Blok A 18 Telp. 4262225
Tri Jaya Abadi Blok H 14-15 Telp. 42880607


Inti Motor Blok T 2 Telp. 72793726
Jaya Abadi Blok S 11 Telp. 72793643
Jayapura Bloks T 34 Telp. 72793543
Tri Star Blok S 9 Telp. 72793715

ABC Mobilindo Utama Telp. 72793653 (Heri)

Alam Motor Blok S 1 Telp. 72793719
Alam Motor Blok T 3 Telp. 7269557
Cahaya Motor Blok T 45 Telp. 72793665
Mandiri Motor Blok T 14 Telp. 72793675
Putra Jaya Motor Blok T 32 Telp. 72793652
Rama Motor Blok S 27 Telp. 72793686
Rio Motor Blok T 19 Telp. 72793669
Sejati Motor Blok S 8 Telp. 72793716
Sumber Jaya Motor Blok S 22 Telp. 72793702
Surya Motor Blok S 30 Telp. 72793732


Abadi Jaya Motor Blok S No.085 A Telp. 6545220
Cita Utama Motor Blok S No.087 Telp. 6543383
Handy Motor Blok S No.115 G-H Telp. 6543863
Istana Motor Blok S No.099 Telp. 6543542
Jayanti Motor Blok A No.17 B Telp. 6543189
Palapa Sakti Motor Blok S No.103 H Telp. 6543606
Palapa Sakti Motor Blok S No.103 Telp. 6543605
Sinar Sakti Motor Blok S No.111 G Telp. 6543732
Sumber Makmur Blok S No.114 G-H Telp. 6544711

Aneka Motor Blok S No.117 Telp. 6543927
Batavia Motor Blok A No.20 B Telp. 6543224
Cita Utama Motor Blok S No.087 Telp. 6543383
Citra Motor Blok A No.38 Telp. 6543287
Duta Motor Blok S No.97 B Telp. 6543509
Garuda Motor Blok S No.110 Telp. 6543672
GT Motor Blok A No.02 B Telp. 6543032
Indonesia Tunggal Blok S No.85 Telp. 6543381
Istana Motor Blok S No.120 B Telp. 6543988
Jayanti Motor Blok A No.17 B Telp. 6543189
New Maju Jaya Motor Blok S No.119 B Telp. 6544967
New Ratu Motor Blok A No.15 A Telp. 6540766
New Sumber Jaya Sakti Blok A No.28 B Telp. 6540904
Palapa Sakti Motor Blok S No.103 Telp. 6543605
Persatuan Motor Blok A No.02 A Telp. 6540907
Presiden Motor Blok A No.30 A Telp. 6540908
Sakura Motor Blok S No.092 B-D Telp. 6543446
Sinar Jaya Motor Blok S No.118 D Telp. 6544647
Sinar Motor Blok A No.23 Telp. 6540841
Sinar Safari Motor Blok S No.107 B Telp. 6543668
Sinar Sakti Motor Blok S No.111 G Telp. 6543732
Sri Makmur Motor Blok A No.39 A Telp. 6544935
Sumber Makmur Blok S No.099 D Telp. 6543544
Utama Motor Blok A No.08 A Telp. 6543125

Jalan-jalan naik mobil ideal keluarga terbaik Indonesia 


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